AOA MiMi @ciakim
10 August, 09:04
AOA MiMi @ciakim
21 July, 09:47 (E)
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21 July, 07:48 (E)
#Bitcoin 一个BTC大约2万美元,但100美元也可以拥有一点点。
AOA MiMi @ciakim
20 July, 11:34
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AOA MiMi @ciakim
20 July, 11:35
#Bitcoin   BTC to $48,000 within 2 weeks!
AOA MiMi @ciakim
20 July, 11:07
2022 has seen #Bitcoin   markets weather two enormous capitulation events, both with the largest $BTC transfer volume in loss since 2011.

When LUNA collapsed, the total transfer volume in loss was 538k $BTC.

This was followed by 480k $BTC as the market traded below the 2017 ATH.
AOA MiMi @ciakim
12 July, 10:39
AOA MiMi @ciakim
10 July, 10:47

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